2G 3G Sunset Info

Below shows the planned 2G and 3G network shutdown dates by country and network. Generally, across Europe, 2G is to be shutdown on 31st December 2025 with 3G services to be shutdown from 2022.

CountryNetwork2G Sunset3G Sunset
United KingdomO2tbctbc
United KingdomEEPlanned 31/12/2025Planned 31/12/2021
United KingdomVodafonePlanned 31/12/2025Planned 31/12/2022
IrelandVodafonePlanned 31/12/2025Planned 31/12/2023
IrelandLiffey (Tesco)Planned 1/10/2025Planned 1/4/2023
Ireland3Planned 1/10/2025Planned 1/4/2023